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Trash Tamer

Regular price $50.00
  • See the video here!
  • Sold Per Single Unit
  • Requires a 3" or 4" Edge Tamer to use
  • For Edge Tamer information, see here
  • Universal fit for all wheeled cans
  • USPS shipping is $10 per unit
  • UPS shipping is by weight
  • Made In The USA

Still rolling those wheeled trash cans to the end of your driveway every week? Those things can be heavy, and the effort clumsy and time-consuming, especially if you have more than one. Wouldn’t it be easier to move them with the tractor? And a lot more fun!  The Trash Tamer is a simple bolt-on attachment to your Edge Tamer, which enables you to easily pick up one or more wheeled cans and drop them off. What could be simpler? Get even more value from your Edge Tamers with the Trash Tamer.

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