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Invented And Perfected In Alden NY

Control Your Edge

Where strength and wear-resistance are highly valued, the Edge Tamer™ bucket protector is designed to defend your driveway, gravel, and turf surfaces – saving you time and money. Get more value with our specially designed attachments.

Boost Tractor Efficiency with Edge Extender

Take your tractor's capabilities to new heights with our Edge Extender. Specifically designed for 3” and 4” Edge Tamer bucket protectors, this addition increases your lifting capacity by 12 inches effortlessly. Maneuver tree logs, fencing, and large items with ease, thanks to its robust Grade 8 bolt-on attachment. Perfectly synced with your existing Edge Tamers, the Edge Extender ensures seamless and efficient operations, making your work faster and more effective.

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Streamline Waste Management with Trash Tamer

Upgrade your tractor bucket with our Trash Tamer for a hassle-free garbage handling experience. Designed to work with 3” and 4” Edge Tamer bucket protectors, this accessory makes picking up and unloading wheeled trash cans a breeze. Its universal fit accommodates all wheeled garbage cans, and the user-friendly Grade 8 bolt-on attachment includes a T-handle wrench for quick setup. Available in single units, you can order the quantity that suits your needs. Transform your garbage disposal process with this convenient and time-saving tool.

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Enhance Trailer Mobility with Hitch Tamer

Simplify trailer movement with our Hitch Tamer, an easy-to-install addition to your 3” or 4” Edge Tamer bucket protectors. Designed to manage trailers with a maximum combined weight of 1,500 lbs, it comes with optional high-quality 1 7/8" or 2" hitch balls, including 3/4" shanks. Utilizing a Simple Grade 8 bolt-on attachment, installation is straightforward, adding versatility and convenience to your tractor bucket. Make your trailer management safer and more efficient with the Hitch Tamer.

Hitch Tamer

Protect Surfaces with Poly Pad Kit

Elevate your Edge Tamer bucket protectors with our Poly Pad Kit. This removable and replaceable pad is specially designed for 3” or 4” Edge Tamers and offers an added layer of protection for paved surfaces. Built with durable aluminum and stainless hardware, choose from black or white to match your aesthetic. The kit comes complete with a pad, clips, screws, and an Allen wrench for easy installation. Available per single unit, order the exact quantity you require and maintain the integrity of your surfaces effortlessly.

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Maximize Versatility with Bolt-On Brackets

Extend the capabilities of your Edge Tamer bucket protectors to your snowblower or box blade with our Bolt-On Brackets. Proudly made in the USA, these steel-fabricated, powder-coated brackets offer adjustable clearance in 1/2" increments to protect sensitive surfaces like grass and gravel driveways. Available for all Bolt-On Tamer sizes, these brackets require simple 3/8" hole drilling for easy installation. Compatible with the Poly Pad option and including Grade 8 and Grade 5 hardware, they are sold in pairs with discounts for combo purchases. Elevate your snow removal or box blade experience with this highly versatile addition.

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