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Edge Tamer™

Edge Tamer™

Meet the Edge Tamer, a revolutionary bucket protector that gives you precise control over your tractor bucket’s leading edge. Achieve a clean separation between the ground and your bucket for various applications, such as plowing snow, pushing leaves, picking up mulch, clearing brush, and more. With easy installation that requires no drilling and just a simple turn of a ratchet, it’s the right tool for any job. The patented design in the US (#9,133,599) comes with accessory attachments, including the Hitch TamerEdge ExtenderTrash Tamer, and the Poly Pad surface protector. Additionally, the Heavy Duty 6” models are made from ½” steel for extra durability. Not sure what’s right for you? Utilize our handy Tamer Guide, and make the most of your tractor bucket’s performance with the Original Edge Tamer.

Control your tractor bucket’s leading edge and achieve a clean separation between the ground and your bucket with the Edge Tamer™ bucket protector.

Not sure what product is right for you? Let our Tamer Guide show you the way!
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  • Fundamental tool to defend surfaces when plowing snow, pushing leaves, picking up mulch, clearing brush, and more.
  • For buckets with holes to accomodate a cutting edge, choose the Bolt-On Edge Tamer. The Bolt-On Edge Tamer has a univeral fit, no matter if you have the cutting edge installed on your loader bucket or not.
  • Easy install. No drilling needed. All hardware included. A turn of a ratchet is all you need.
  • The right tool for any job. Attachments available for 3” and 4” models include the Hitch Tamer, Edge Extender, Trash Tamer, and the Poly Pad surface protector.
  • The Original. Patented in the US (#9,133,599), only these feature accessory attachments, as well as the Heavy Duty 6” models (made from ½” steel)

Recommendations for width and quantity are based on the combined weight of tractor and bucket, and are determined to achieve the maximum possible performance of your tractor bucket.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
b Branthoover
Great product

Installing French drains in an existing yard. Installing gravel and new tip soul the bucket shoes worked great in not tearing up the yard. They also worked great installing additional gravel to my driveway.

Jewel Stauffer
Edge Tammer

Very well made for heavy duty use and best thing is they are manufactured in America!


Very good boys to deal

Keith Sauter

Ok so far

Jessica McWain
Oh MAN - these rock!

I wish I'd have found this product sooner. They'll give me so much more life with my BX tractor before I need to upgrade for our small growing horse farm.