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Edge Tamer

Regular price $45.00
  • See the video here!
  • Sold Per Single Unit (i.e. order 2 for a pair, 3 to get 3)
  • Shipping Cost: $7/piece ($18/piece for the 6")
  • US Patent #9,133,599
  • Made In The USA
  • For single, factory-weld bucket edges (not bolted-on edges)
    • For bolt-on/HD edges, see FAQ, "I have a large bucket"
  • For size/count recommendations:
    • Up to 24hp (usually ~48" bucket), two 3" wide
    • Up to 30hp (usually ~60" bucket), two 4" wide
    • Up to 38hp (usually ~72" bucket): three 4" wide
    • Higher hp: three or four 4" wide
    • For more information, see the FAQ
  • For install and use instructions, see the Manual

A loader bucket is a versatile tool, but not a refined one. Catching an edge or a corner on the lawn while trying to scoop mulch, or filling the bucket with your gravel driveway instead of only snow, are just a few examples of what can happen when you haven’t properly controlled your bucket’s leading edge. The Edge Tamer solves this problem. Any time you need a clean separation between the ground and your fill, the Edge Tamer is your tool of choice. From pushing brush to scooping just about anything, this is an essential tool.