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Poly Pad Kit

Regular price $40.00

Afraid your Edge Tamer will scratch your paved driveway? Fear no more. The Poly Pad is a removable, replaceable pad that protects paved surfaces when used with your Edge Tamers or Bolt-On Tamers. They will fit any version of our 3" and 4" products. Constructed with aluminum and stainless hardware, these are up to the challenge of your tractor across any surface. Available in two colors: white and black. 

Note: the color is a matter of preference, and does not affect performance

  • Sold Per Single Unit (i.e. order 2 for a pair, 3 to get 3) 
  • Kit includes pad, clips, screws, and an allen wrench
  • Best when used on paved (concrete/asphalt) surfaces
  • USPS shipping is per unit ($10/ea)
  • UPS shipping is by weight
  • Made In The USA
  • For replacement Poly Pads, see here

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