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Bolt-On Bracket

Bolt-On Bracket

 Introducing the Bolt-On Bracket, designed explicitly to extend the benefits of the renowned Edge Tamer bucket protectors to your snowblower or box blade. These adjustable, steel-fabricated brackets offer the optimal clearance needed to protect grass, gravel driveways, and other sensitive surfaces. With a powder-coated finish and proudly made in the USA, these brackets are available for all Bolt-On Tamer sizes, including 3" Brackets for 4’ blowers and boxes, 4" Brackets for 5’ blowers and boxes, and 6" Brackets for 6’ and over. Their adjustable features in 1/2" increments make them highly versatile. Installation is a breeze, requiring drilling 3/8" holes to fasten to the implement. They are compatible with the Poly Pad option for the Bolt-On Tamers and include Grade 8 and Grade 5 hardware. Sold by the pair, you can save even more when buying a combo! Enhance your snow removal experience with these brackets, discounted relative to buying individually.

With these brackets, you can fasten a set of Bolt-On Tamers to your snowblower or box, and gain just enough clearance to protect grass and your gravel driveway. These adjustable brackets are fabricated of steel, powder coated and proudly made in the USA.

  • Requires a set of Bolt-On Edge Tamer™ bucket protectors to use
  • Available for all Bolt-On Tamer sizes. Recommendation:
    • 3" Brackets for 4' blowers and boxes
    • 4" Brackets for 5'  blowers and boxes
    • 6" Brackets for 6' and over
  • Adjustable up and down in 1/2" increments
  • Installation requires drilling 3/8" holes to fasten to the implement
  • Compatible with the Poly Pad option for the Bolt-On Tamers
  • Includes Grade 8 and Grade 5 hardware
  • Sold By The Pair
  • Save When Buying A Combo!! Discounted relative to buying individually
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Bolt-On Bracket
Bolt-On Bracket
Bolt-On Bracket
Bolt-On Bracket
Bolt-On Bracket
Bolt-On Bracket
Bolt-On Bracket

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