Edge Tamer


How many Edge Tamers do I need on my tractor?

I have a large bucket, will they fit?


Are the Edge Tamers compatible with my Piranha toothbar?

Are the Edge Tamers compatible with EA's Wicked Bar?

Do I need to modify the bucket to install the Edge Tamers?

How much load can I put on my Edge Extenders?

Can using the Edge Tamer damage my bucket?

Can Edge Tamers be installed on my skid steer?

Sometimes when I put on my Edge Tamer, it wants to twist as I tighten the bolt. What do you recommend?

Hey, what are these washers for that came with my Edge Tamers?


Shipping Method

How are you going to ship my order?

Do you ship to Canada/Internationally?



What warranty do you offer?

I lost the bolt on my Edge Tamer! What do I do?