Edge Tamer Installation & Use

Click here for these instructions as a PDF
  1. Install the bolt into the Edge Tamer.
  2. Place your Edge Tamers over the cut edge and near each side of the bucket.
  3. Applying pressure to the front of the Edge Tamer, tighten the bolt with a 3/8” ratchet and a ¾” socket. This should only be a slight hand-tightening; do not over tighten or use excessive leverage on the bolt. A hand-tight fit is plenty of pressure for proper performance.
  4. You may notice in some cases that the Edge Tamer wants to twist in place as the bolt is tightened against the bucket. If this occurs, simply place the provided 5/16″ washer between the bucket and the bolt (see arrow below). This will prevent any twisting, without affecting performance. Typically, this is not necessary.
  5. After a short duration of use, retighten if necessary. This is not typically necessary.
  6. In use, best results occur when the Edge Tamer is evenly applied to the ground, allowing the bucket’s weight to be dispersed over the Edge Tamer’s entire surface.