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Edge Extender

Regular price $20.00
  • See the video here!
  • Sold Per Single Unit
  • Requires an Edge Tamer to use, see here for more information
  • Note: not compatible with 6" Edge Tamers, only 3" & 4"
  • Shipping Cost (US Mail): $5/piece
  • Made In The USA

Sometimes you just wish you could get more in there. A tractor is great for lifting, but when the bucket is only 4-6’ wide, picking up logs, posts, or other long items is not easy. In size and cost, pallet forks are overkill for this situation. The Edge Extender solves this problem. When connected to your Edge Tamer, this simple tool gives you 12 inches of additional lifting capacity, out in front of your bucket. If you have something long to lift, this is your tool.

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