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Edge Extender

Edge Extender

Maximize your tractor’s lifting capacity with the Edge Extender, an innovative addition to the 3” and 4” Edge Tamer bucket protectors. Add 12 inches of additional lifting capacity and transform the way you maneuver tree logs, fencing, fence posts, brush, and various large items. Its Simple Grade 8 bolt-on attachment to the Edge Tamer ensures a robust connection. The Edge Extenders are designed to match the number of installed Edge Tamer bucket protectors, offering a seamless and efficient way to enhance your tractor’s capabilities. Make your work quicker and more efficient with this valuable tool, tailored to match your existing Edge Tamers.

Add 12 inches of additional lifting capacity to your tractor bucket. Available for the 3” and 4” Edge Tamer™ bucket protectors.


  • Quickly and efficiently maneuver tree logs, fencing and fence posts, brush, and various large items.
  • Simple Grade 8 bolt-on attachment to the Edge Tamer™.
  • Quantity Recommendation: Edge Extenders count to match the number of installed Edge Tamer™ bucket protectors
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    edge extenders

    Excellent product for log and tree branches for removal with your bucket, quality made product.

    Good, sorta

    These work great in principle, but I found out the hard way that there should be little to no upward pressure applied to them or else the tube will "shear" at the notch created by the factory. I was a touch too close to the logs I was loading when I lowered my bucket. Both extenders were pushed upwards and tore through the metal square tube. They are still operational, but are loose and tend to get wedged in an upright position if I tilt my bucket too much. I'm going to try and fix them by welding some 1/4" flat stock on top of the tube where the tear is.

    Doug Watson
    Great product

    I ordered the 4" Edge Tamers and a set of Edge Extenders when the 4" ET's were back-ordered. R2 communicated several times to let me know they were working through the backlog and filling orders as fast as they could. They arrived not long after I ordered them, safely packaged and looking great.

    Install was easy, and I was able to use the Edge Extenders on my 1025R the first day to move some timbers and posts around the property. I love that they are quick to put on or take off, and I can store them in the toolbox on the back of the tractor so they're ready whenever I need them. Looking forward to plowing snow this winter with the ET's on the bucket.

    Great product and great service from R2!

    Ryan England
    Sturdy and handy

    These add a great deal of versatility to the edge tamers and by extension (LOL) the bucket. Makes hauling long things like lumber and even plywood possible (and easy). Only gave 4 stars because it'd be nice if the ends were welded instead of the plastic tube plug they have. I will be adding a set of "D" pins to mine instead of the bolts that were included for quick removal when not needed. Love the fact they're made in America and God bless TTWT!!

    Rich Bartolowits
    Adds versatility at a great price

    Was looking to get a set of quick connect forks but decided to try these instead. Use my tractor a lot for clearing logs in my woods and loading onto a trailer. Use a set of these and can easily pick up logs big enough to make the tractor light in the back....use the extenders to roll most the weight back onto the bucket and good to go. Used to have to chain to the bucket this is MUCH easier. Will probably add another pair for 4 total on my 72” bucket but so far a great product to affordably fill a need!!!!