R2 Manufacturing

Hitch Tamer

Regular price $30.00
  • Requires a 3" or 4" Edge Tamer to use
  • For Edge Tamer information, see here
  • See options for hitch ball
  • Shipping Cost: $10/piece
  • Made In The USA

Take your trailer for a ride! This accessory for the Edge Tamer allows you to move your trailers with your bucket with ease. Simply bolt the Hitch Tamer to your Edge Tamer, install on your tractor bucket, and you are good to go! The Hitch Tamers are available with and without high quality 1-7/8" and 2" hitch balls, each with 3/4" shanks. 

Important notes:

  • This is designed for maximum 1,500 lb combined weight trailers
  • Please exercise caution and common sense when moving trailers, we recommend moving trailers empty whenever possible


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