A Note About Casting

Beginning October 2022, R2 Manufacturing is proud to announce a move to utilize casting in the production of its 3" and 4" Edge Tamers, with others planned in the future.

In the past, the these Edge Tamers were made from cold-rolled mild steel that is cut, formed and welded. While we have always been happy with the result (and so have our customers), we believe we could improve even further. After a lot of development and optimization, we are now able to produce our Edge Tamers via casting.

A cast part is made all in one, consistent unit. It is made from the same alloy that is used for parts in automotive and agricultural applications, such as bucket teeth, tow hooks, truck hitches, suspension parts, brake calipers, crankshafts, and other applications where tensile strength and wear-resistance are highly valued. As a more precise piece, it will work even better with our accessories, such as the Edge Extenders. In short, these are stronger and wear better, and are more consistent than their fabricated counterparts. 

One thing that has not changed one bit: our commitment to high quality, US manufacturing. Just as our previous versions are made in the USA, so are these new versions.

If you have questions about this, please contact us. For previous customers that would like to reorder Edge Tamers made in the traditional, fabricated way, we still do have those available as well.