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Poly Pad Replacement

Poly Pad Replacement

Our Poly Pad Replacements are here to ensure that your equipment remains in top condition. Although our Poly Pads are highly durable, we provide replacements in two colors: white and black, depending on your preference. The color choice does not affect performance, and you can order them per single unit, with shipping options available through USPS and UPS. Made in the USA, these replacements ensure that your Edge Tamer bucket protectors stay efficient and protected.

Though our Poly Pads are highly durable, if you have worn out a set, we have replacements. Available in two colors: white and black. 

Note: the color is a matter of preference, and does not affect performance

  • Sold Per Single Unit (i.e. order 2 for a pair, 3 to get 3) 
  • USPS shipping is per unit ($10/ea)
  • UPS shipping is by weight
  • Made In The USA
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Poly Pad Replacement